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5.9.19  Argus Bar + Patio Chico, CA



Straight OutA Chico, CA

With a desire to create catchy hooks accompanied by memorable instrumentation, Alternative Indie Rock band Scarlet Pumps formed in October 2016 by Chico locals AJ Dos Santos (Vocals, Synth), Gabriel Castillo (Guitar), Levi McClain (Bass, Marimba), and Braden Althoff (Drums). The band quickly began writing and performing around the Chico area and released their debut single “Modern Lover” later in December of 2016.


Throughout the first half of 2017, Scarlet Pumps continued writing and perfecting their songs in preparation of recording their debut album. With the help of producer and friend David Bingham, the band began recording in March of 2017 and soon released their second single “Leave Me Alone.” With their album in production, Scarlet Pumps greatly increased the frequency of their live performances throughout the rest of the year and began to build a dedicated following.


With the coming of 2018, Scarlet Pumps prepared for the release of their debut album “Keep It Secret” on February 23 with the creation of various videos and promotional materials. With the now released "Keep It Secret" available everywhere online, the band has big plans. After spending a considerable amount of time and energy enhancing their live show, they plan on expanding outwards by playing throughout the West Coast and beyond in promotion of their newly released album.